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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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snow is set to make an impact on your morning commut e... i'll pinpoint the your 9 first warning forecast. check this out... the events that led up to a very bad day for a woman and her car. missing millionaires.... the unbelievable number of folks who didn't cash in their winning lottery numbers...this fugitive sends in a selfie to police...the reason he did it and the question police had for him..a police officer opens fire in a local neighborhood after a robbery... right now 9 on your side is on scene digging for
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police say that man was behind *two robberies* in that neighborhood tonight. tonight.and nine on your side's evan millward is learning more about the shooting.... shooting....he joins us live from that crime scene.evan? chief eliot isaac confirming that man - an accused armed robber - is dead just past that police tape on sunset avenue.right now - police and the coroner are trying to figure out who he is. nats - cop car drives bya dangerous night in west price hill -- starts with reports of an armed robbery at this walgreens on glenway.the guy gets away - with he allegedly tries again at this deals - directly across the street.he gets some cash - and runs again - but good descriptions of what he was wearing keep police on alert. they find who they think is their guy - here - at sunset and rapid run.chief eliot isaac/cincinnati police department 040738 the individual retrieved a firearm or what appeared to be a firearm from his waistband.
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their weapon, striking the individual.chief eliot isaac - in a news conference late monday - says it's still not clear which officers fired - and if the suspect fired back. 040813 the suspect appears to be a male white, late 20s or early 30s, but we have not been able to make identification yet.the officers who fired - new to the force - but not new to police work.041010 they've been with us approximately one year, but the were hired as part of our lateral hires that we did last year - coming from other departments correct.amid flashing lights - and streets closed for blocks - a deadly ending to a short pursuit. those officers are being interviewed right now - then will be on paid leave for seven dayslive in west price hill, em, 9oys. the other big story tonight -- weather.some schools are already delaying class or calling off altogether -- you can see a list of those at the
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screen.and steve has the timing of the snow expected overnight.steve? spotty snow showers begin mainly after 3 a.m. by the peak morning rush (6-8 a.m.), a half inch of snow could already be on the ground and this will include cincinnati. scattered snow showers continue until around lunchtime. it will also be very windy in the morning hours causing blowing snow and lower visibility at times. in all, it looks like another inch of snow will fall in the tri-state with more isolated
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while many of us dread this kind of weather... it's big business for those who rely on
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living.stores are winter weather supplies folks will have to spend all night out in it in the cold. cold. ashley zilka joins us live with more on that.ashley? right now school delays and cancelations are flowing in- as road crews are hard at work. for snow plowers- one man's misery is another man's fortune. the tri-state region is preparing itself for the next round of snow. shoppers have bought their shovels- and stocked up on bread and milk. snow plow companies say it's all about looking at the forecast next. getting keyed up for whether it's salt, what kind of salt, different people want different salt, and then knowing the jobs you have and setting your routesmike walker owns a plus lawn-scapes... a company that handles both residential and commercial sites. he says prep work is everything. there is a science behind all the madness. madness. "a lot of times you get called at night, we have a place where we have zero trigger, so if there is any precipitation that is going to freeze at all then we are out." snow plow drivers aren't the only ones working around
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have a big decision to make. should they cancel school? kenton county says it's an arduous process. road conditions and dangerous temperatures are a top priority.jess dykes: director of public information for the kenton county school district district superintendents are going to be up all night. they are going to be up very early in the morning and not only will superintendents be up very early but people who are working on the roads, our custodians who are working on the sidewalks and parking lots everyone. "whatever time we get a call between 11 and 1 and we will be out the rest of the night- most of the day tomorrow." road crews say its important that if you are out driving tomorrow- be patient and leave a little bit early. and if you don't have to be anywhere- stay home. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. committed to keeping you safe during this winter storm.tune in to good morning tri-state tomorrow starting at four-30. for the latest on the timing of the storm. we'll be driving the roads to give you a real-time view of what it looks up-to-the-
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and when you're cleaning off your car tomorrow...remember -- it could be worse.this video is out of new york... officials say waves from lake erie spilled over -- and caused this car to become a "car-sicle".no one has said how long it took to clear that car off -- or if it's even been touched! new at 11...the former church treasurer who made off with more than 800-thousand dollars -- says he's guilty. guilty.garry meyer entered a guilty plea today in butler county court.court documents says meyer stole that money over the course of 14 years -- from tri-county baptist church in west chester township.he could spend up to eight years in prison. it could save a heroin addict's life... and tonight the drug that reverses heroin overdose is available over-the-counter. the-counter."narcan" has only been available to first responders or sold with a first pharmacy in butler county is selling it over-the-counter for eighty dollars some insurance plans plans cover it. and those who do not have coverage can get the
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a grant from the butler county mental health board. prescription painkillers are also seeing a rise in misuse -- and ohio lawmakers want to put a stop to it. it.several lawmakers want state pharmacies to follow c-d-c guidelines.those rules call for considering non-addictive painkiller alternatives first... and lowering prescription doses for chronic pain. most hamilton county sheriff's deputies will be wearing body cameras on patrol by the end of march. march.that's according to the sheriff -- who says the body cams will be the most up- to-date version of the technology.the cameras are expected to improve officer and citizen safety -- plus provide valuable training. "we can show good points to benefit our officers. 'hey. look. here's what one of our guys did in this encounter with this unique situatioh. we can aslso use it as an example of what not to do -- no that that happens all the time." time." the sheriff adds the cameras should cut down on what he calls frivilous lawsuits. the company supplying the body
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deputies new tasers -- saving hamiltoncounty $1.6 million dollars. new at's a tale of lost lovers. for years - owners of a northern kentucky bar have been trying to track down a couple who got engaged on their back patio. nine on your side's john genovese joins us from the 'olde fort pub' -- with video they hope will ring a bell with someone around town. this is the spot where it all happened back in december 20- 12. two couples walked out and not long after a young man took a knee and popped the question a camera in the corner was rolling the entire timeat the 'olde fort pub'-a family-owned place that's been passed down through decades"it was strange because usually nights here - you know everyone" this moment in december 20-12 with with two couples on the back patio "they were talking and cute and catching snowflakes on their tongues like kids, it was kinda surreal" moments later while a young woman was looking over
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with grabs something and takes a knee. the rest - you could probably guess. "you could just tell, she threw off her gloves, give me that ring, i'm ready, i love you" almost ever since - annie arnzen and her brothers have been trying to track the lovebirds down "we put a message out on facebook and tried to reach people and tried to remember who was there that night"she says they want to talk with the couple and treat them to dinner. ask them what made that night at their place so perfect "i hope they're happily married, and they can come back up here and visit us and celebrate - we would love to meet em - and i hope they're happy and healthy" if you are - or you know who that couple is - annie's asking you to give the pub a call or reach out on facebook. they've also made a dvd of that surveillance video which she hopes to the couple as a congratulations. john genovese 9oys not a flattering mugshot, right?this ohio man is wanted by police -- and *he* wants police to know he doesn't like that picture!see what unusual
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sent -- to the officers trying to find him tonight. under water...a missouri car takes a nosedive into a sinkhole.what led to the unfortunate scene -- and why the owner says this is a *particularly* bad time to have a wrecked ride. painkiller addictions...too many folks abusing medicine they once needed -- that they now think they can't live without.see the new treatment that promises to help those
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this small-business owner is looking to expand. how can a bank help? at huntington, we love working with small businesses. in fact, we're the number-one sba lender in our region. all these businesses are too small. what we need to do is merge them. florist, coffee shop, bike repair, architect, funeral home. now they're big enough for me to take seriously. you're scaring the townspeople. relocated. helping you grow. just another way we're looking out for your business,
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 no one *wants* to have a mug shot taken... and it likely won't be the best picture you've posed for.this man in ohio certainly agrees --
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selfie!lima police posted this picture of donald pugh on facebook.... and afterward he messaged them with a selfie -- saying "here is a better photo -- that one is terrible".police posted that selfie as well -- thanking the fugitive for the picture... and asking the man to turn himself in. a shopper in walmart is accused of biting off part of an employee's finger! finger!police say carolynn wright was trying to make off with intimate apparel... store securty caught her.that started a fight -- and that's when the alleged bite happened. a bad day for a woman in missouri... when her car falls into a sinkhole!it happened after a water main break caused the road in southwest missouri to open up.close up -- you can see how high the water rose in that was parked outside the owner's house... she says she paid off the car just a few months ago.
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tonight -- a downtown building is one step closer to getting historic recognition. recognition.a city council committee approved making the "duttenhofer building" a local historic landmark. (it's at 6th and sycamore)doing so will help get state tax credits -- to convert the building for a new use.the full council will now vote on the landmark designation. 145 jobs are leaving hebron. s-k-f is moving its distribution and packing operations to crossville, tennessee by july. the company packages.. stores.. and distributes auto parts. s-k-f says some of its employees will be offered jobs in tennessee. others will be offered severance packages. s-k-f says its consoliating operations to improve customer service. so you didn't win saturday's powerball jackpot... but don't throw away the ticket! double-check those numbers -- you might still be entitled to a lot of cash!john matarese shows us why lottery officials nationwide are looking for *dozens* of winners -- who
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with so much focus on the billion dollar powerball.... a lot of other people are winning smaller amounts, but don't know it!in fact a new report says more than 100 lottery millionaries are missing.---------cnn/money says two billion dollars in lotto winnings went unclaimed last year....mostly people who won 5 bucks and never bothered to cash in their ticket.but more alarming is the news that many people who won a million dollars last yearnever came forward! forward!thats right: cnn says 114 people won a million dollars in 2015, but never camer forward to claim it.the reason: they hear that no one won the powerball. so they throw their ticket away.many ticket buyers dont realize there are secondary prizes. 9 on your side first reported, two one million dollar tickets were sold here in the tri state: one in milford and one in double fact triple check your powerball tickets
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out on a second place you dont waste your money. im john matarese 9 on your side. weather summary: spotty snow showers begin mainly after 3 a.m. by the peak morning rush (6-8 a.m.), a half inch of snow could
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this will include cincinnati. scattered snow showers continue until around lunchtime. it will also be very windy in the morning hours causing blowing snow and lower visibility at times. in all, it looks like another inch of snow will fall in the tri-state with more isolated
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the f-d-a is reviewing a new implant that counteracts the effect of opioids. opioid addiction has exploded in recent years with overdoses increasing across the country. country.according to the f-d-a - the new drug *pro-bu-phine* is implanted in a patient for six months to help counteract cravings. a trial is being reviewed now.the f-d-a could make a decision this winter. the fallout from the bengals
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let's get the latest from nine on your side sports director john popovich. insult added to injury.....the bengals get knocked out of the playoffs. playoffs.and now the nfl says one of the bengals best players won't start next
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good evening everyone...the nfl can take weeks to act on domestic violence...months to act on deflated footballs...but when it comes to violations on the field...the justice is swift and serious. serious.tonight the nfl announced that vontaze burfict will be suspended for the first three games of next season for quote...repeated violations of safety related rules. sounds like something handed down by oshaa. the ruling was just two days after brown: back to saturday, burfict was
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shoulder and hitting antonio brown. . adam jones said today the steelers were provoking burfict all night long. today...and with a lot of free agents....this team is sure to look considerably different next season.-and it's likely there will be some coaching changes as well. the most likely departure is hue jackson who is considered a favorite in cleveland. college football is determing its national title championship tonight in arizona. here's the up to date score....and there are more than few experts surprised right now. clemson is leading favored alabama as they moved to the fourth quarter. she scored nearly three
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career at boone county high school...and tonight...boone retired the jersey number 40 worn by sydney moss of thomas more.- sydney watched her alma mater boone county play ryle tonight...kylie anderson was strong for the rbels..-former boone coach nell fookes and thomas more coach jeff hans watching the action....-ryle the better team them with the outlet pass and the score...the raiders beat the rebels62 to 34. the reds continue to have an m-v-p.....most valuable promotion team...they already opening day. day.and now they've come up with kids opening's scheduled for sunday april tenth when the reds play the pirates. they say they'll replicate the excitement of opening day "kids style" with special activities planned for children and familities. everyone 14 and under gets a kids opening day baseball cap. nine on your side is coming
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this monday.
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